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Cross Program

It is the financial education of shares of ENEF that the beneficiary public or prioritized financial theme, are not the sole responsibility of one organ or entity. Its goals will require a pooling of various issues such as protection, financial planning, savings, investment, credit and consumer protection.

The cross-cutting programs are coordinated by the Financial Education Association of Brazil – AEF-Brazil. AEF helps with ENEF through the development of social and educational technologies that may be reapplied by any interested person or organization, thus giving the scale required to issue financial education.

These programs can be sponsored by any institution interested in promoting financial education in Brazil.

Check out the ENEF cross-cutting programs:

  • The Financial Education Program in Schools proposes to take financial education to the school environment. It has two focus areas, the elementary and high school, and its goal is to contribute to the development of the culture of planning, prevention, savings, investment and consumer awareness in future generations of Brazilians. When working financial education from the earliest years of school life contributes to building up the skills needed for students to address the social and economic challenges of society, and also for citizenship.

    Click here to learn more about the Financial Education Program in Schools

    Also see the document Guidelines for Financial Education in Schools – annex 4 of the Master Plan that consolidates the National Strategy for Financial Education (ENEF).  CLICK HERE

  • The adult audience also needs financial education due to being active at this time in the market. To promote financial education for adult audiences, the Financial Education Program for Adults was created. Initially, they have been identified as priority audiences two populations in vulnerable situations: women beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program and retirees with income 1-2 times the minimum wage. For these people, two sets of social technologies of financial education are being developed and systematized. The goal, for women of the Bolsa Família Program, is to improve the management of the family budget in order to stimulate reflection on the design of women´s lives and their financial planning. With regard to the project for retirees, it aims at reducing and preventing this public indebtedness in order to help them decide consciously and autonomously in relation to the management of its resources.
    Click here to learn more about the Adult Financial Education Program

    See also the document Guidelines for Adult Financial Education – Annex 6 of the Master Plan that consolidates the National Strategy for Financial Education (ENEF).  Click here

  • The National Financial Education Week is an initiative to mobilize ENEF which aims to disseminate financial education throughout the country, through actions carried out by members of the National Financial Education Committee (CONEF) and invited partners. Besides the official agenda of the Week, an opportunity for public agencies, private sector and civil society organizations is created to carry out financial education initiatives, contributing to publicize the issue in all regions of Brazil. To be aligned to what is proposed by the National Financial Education Week, it is necessary that the actions taken comply with the principles of ENEF, especially the gratuity.

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