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National Mapping 2018

2nd National Mapping of Financial Education Initiatives


The 2nd National Mapping of Financial Education Initiatives is a project of the National Financial Education Strategy (ENEF), coordinated by the Brazilian Financial Education Association – AEF-Brasil. In 2009, a preliminary survey of financial education initiatives in the country identified 64 initiatives. In 2013, the 1st National Mapping identified 803 actions in different Brazilian regions, and in 2018, the result showed more than 1,300 initiatives throughout Brazil, between high schools and universities, public and private, associations, cooperatives and private initiative bodies.

Among the good news recorded by the study is the increase in the number of actions in public schools. In 2013, the initiatives exceeded just over 30%. By 2018, they jumped to 50%. Half of the initiatives mapped out are in the area of formal education.

The purpose of Mapping is to know with greater comprehensiveness and depth the scenario of financial education in Brazil. In addition, the data collected in Mapping promotes reflections on the challenges and opportunities of the area in the country.

To access the data for the 1st National Mapping of Financial Education Initiatives, click here.





Pursuant to Decree No. 9,759, of April 11, 2019, the governance of CONEF is being revisited.