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``We are not doing it for school, we are doing it for ourselves and for future generations.``

Danilo Xavier (Student) – Centro de Ensino Médio Castro Alves – Palmas – TO

``And it's a proposal that is not specific to one location. They also act as modifiers, they take it home``

Sandra Melo Valadares (Pedagogical Coordinator) – Colégio Pré Universitário – Araguaína – TO

``Society needs to know this information in order for it to have a more appropriate training for its life``

Maria do Carmo dos Santos (Principal) – Centro de Ensino Médio Castro Alves – Palmas – TO

``All teachers embraced the cause and worked in a natural way, without overloading anyone.``

Marcelo de Souza Melo (math teacher) – Colégio Pré Universitário – Araguaína – TO

``We come home and put into practice everything that we have learned in school, and we start thinking about things differently, already as an adult``

Sabrina da Mata Lima (student) – Colégio Pré Universitário – Araguaína – TO

“Financial Education really transforms lives. I read that phrase in one of the books and it really transforms because it transformed my life”

Neuza Alencar – Religious Education Teacher E.M. Dr. Paulo Pinto – Manaus – AM

``Everything we do for the student's benefit is worth it. The educator has to live according to the student.``

Regina Tereza Baccelli – Principal E.E. Senador Paulo Egydio de Oliveira Carvalho – São Paulo – SP

Financial Education is also learning how to consume without spending money: ``The Financial Education book of the 5th year brings the 5 Rs: Reuse, Re-appropriate, Recycle, Refuse and Rethink.``

Carlas Pawluk – Teacher at the Municipal School Eladir Skibinski – Joinville – SC

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