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1st National Mapping

The 1st National Mapping of Financial Education Initiatives, held in 2014, was a project of the National Financial Education Strategy (ENEF), coordinated by the Brazilian Financial Education Association – AEF-Brasil. In this edition, 803 actions were identified in different Brazilian regions – reports on the links below, between individuals and legal entities that answered the questionnaire.

Among the data collected, we highlight:

  • 60% of the initiatives are free;
  • 50% of the initiatives are nationwide;
  • Among the regionalized initiatives, there is a great concentration of actions in the Southeast and South regions;
  • Reach of the public: 46% of the initiatives have served up to 500 beneficiaries in the last year and 20% of them serve more than 10,000 people per year;
  • The initiatives are: 46% attendance, 37% mixed (attendance + virtual) and 17% virtual.
  • The data allowed us to learn with greater comprehensiveness and depth about the scenario of financial education in Brazil, making clear the size of the challenge that awaits us to think of an educated financial nation.

Learn the results:

1.ENEF Statistical Report

Analytical Document on the data collected, pointing out advances and opportunities for qualification and promotion of the theme.

2.ENEF Analitical Report

Preliminary mapping, conducted in 2009, identified 64 financial education initiatives in the country.

3.List of Initiatives





Pursuant to Decree No. 9,759, of April 11, 2019, the governance of CONEF is being revisited.