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Financial Education Itinerant Project

AEF-Brasil and Serasa lead financial education throughout Brazil

The Brazilian Financial Education Association – AEF-Brasil, OSCIP created to implement the National Financial Education Strategy – ENEF (Federal Decree 7.397 / 2010), public policy launched in 2010 with the purpose of disseminating financial education to the population, and Serasa Consumidor, the arm of Serasa Experian aimed at the citizen, signed a partnership to carry financial education in the Truck and in the Serasa Boat through the Itinerant Project of Training of Teachers in Financial Education.

The goal is to train 500 public school teachers from the 43 cities that will be visited over the coming months. The training of teachers of the public network in different municipalities will follow the guidelines of ENEF, that is, gratuitous actions, acting through information, training and orientation, formation of partnerships with public bodies and entities and private institutions, among others.

“Teachers who participate in the initiative may include the theme transversally in the pedagogical plan of the school. And this will have a lasting and effective impact not only for the students, but also for the entire community, “says Claudia Forte, superintendent of AEF-Brasil.

The Serasa truck is 15 meters long and 2.60 meters wide. It has been adapted to allow access to its free services, proliferating the financial education along the more than 18 thousand kilometers of the route.

Get to know the train destinations  (click on the links to see the photos)

Curitiba (17/10/2017)

Joinville (23/10 e 24/10/2017)

Blumenau (27/10/2017)

Florianópolis (01/11 a 03/11/2017)

Porto Alegre (08/11 a 13/11/2017)

Caxias do Sul (16/11 e 17/11/2017)

São Caetano do Sul (22/11/2017)

São Paulo (29/11/2017)

Bauru (07/12/2017)

São Carlos (14/12/2017)

São Paulo (15/12/2017)

Santos (21/12/2017)

Vitória (11/01 e 12/01/2018)

Manaus (11/01 e 12/01/2018)

Belo Horizonte (16/01 e 17/01/2018)

Parintins (17/01/2018)

Santarém (23/01/2018)

Uberlândia (24/01 /2018)

Goiânia (30/01 e 31/01/2018)

Macapá (01/02 e 02/02/2018)

Brasília (08/02/2018)

Salvador (28/02 a 01/03/2018)

Aracaju (09/03/2018)

Maceió (13/03/2018)

Recife (22/03/2018)

João Pessoa (27/03/2018)

Natal (02/04 e 03/04/2018)

Fortaleza (10/04/2018)

Sobral (18/04/2018)

Teresina (18/04/2018)

São Luís (24/04 e 25/04/2018)

Belém (11/05/2018)

Palmas (15/05 a 17/05/2018)

Brasília (24/05/2018)

Cuiabá (29/05/2018)

Campo Grande (06/06/2018)

Maringá (15/06/2018)

Londrina (22/06/2018)

São Bernardo do Campo (29/06/2018)

São Paulo (26/06/2018)




Pursuant to Decree No. 9,759, of April 11, 2019, the governance of CONEF is being revisited.