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The National Financial Education Strategy – ENEF – is a multisectoral mobilization around the promotion of financial education actions in Brazil. The strategy was instituted as a State policy of a permanent character, and its main characteristics are the guarantee of gratuity of the initiatives that it develops or supports and its commercial impartiality. The objective of ENEF, created through Federal Decree 7.397/2010, is to contribute to the strengthening of citizenship by providing and supporting actions that help the population to make more autonomous and conscious financial decisions. The strategy was created through the articulation of nine governmental bodies and entities and four civil society organizations, which together are part of the National Committee on Financial Education – CONEF.

ENEF programs are guided by the Master Plan, its Deliberation and its Attachments, documents that consolidate the performance of the National Strategy of Financial Education. ENEF’s actions are comprised by transversal and sectoral programs, coordinated centrally, but implemented in a decentralized manner.

Pursuant to Decree No. 9,759, of April 11, 2019, the governance of CONEF is being revisited.